Clonakilty Middle Eastern Sausage Baked Rice

Clonakilty Middle Eastern Sausage Baked Rice

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This Middle Eastern inspired dish is perfect for all the family to enjoy this Autumn. A wholesome and unique recipe packed full of flavour.


3 onions sliced

1 can of chickpeas drained and rinsed

2 tsp cumin

Olive oil

1 pack of Clonakilty Ispíní Sausages

Middle Eastern spices, you can buy premade or make your own using 1 tsp each of cumin, turmeric, sumac, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 4 cardamom pods opened and crushed.

Pinch saffron crushed and bloomed in an ice cube.

1 cup Basmati rice rinsed and drained

1.75 cups chicken stock


To Garnish:

Raisins, almond flakes, pomegranate seeds, parsley, lemon, red onion



  1. Fry onions in some oil until dark (about 15 minutes) then set aside.
  2. Fry chickpeas in oil and cumin until crispy (about 15 minutes) then set aside.
  3. Mix the Ispíní Sausages with the spices and bloomed saffron and fry until starting to brown, then set aside (they won’t be fully cooked yet).
  4. Add rice, half of the chickpeas, half the onions and the stock, and mix. Top with the sausages and cover and bake in the oven at 230c for 25 minutes.
  5. Remove from the oven but leave the cover on for a further 10 minutes to steam.
  6. Garnish with the remaining chickpeas and onions and the additional garnish ingredients.
  7. Squeeze on lemon and enjoy.

A huge thank you to Fordy for creating this unique and wholesome recipe. Check out @fordyfeasts for more of his creations.