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8 Ways to cook with Black Pudding

How do I use black pudding?

This is a question we get asked very often and there is no one answer. The truth is, you can use black pudding in many ways so here are 8 ideas to get you started.

1. The Perfect Full Irish

Staying true to its roots, black pudding is still a firm favourite in a Full Irish or Full English breakfast. Whether you fry or grill your breakfast, serve it with or without a tomato and mushrooms, with one egg or two, baked beans or hash browns, black pudding and white pudding should definitely make an appearance!. Find what we consider to be the ‘perfect’ full breakfast here.

Perfect Breakfast

2. Breakfast with a Twist

Maybe you don’t fancy a full Irish, or maybe you just want to experiment with breakfast recipes. Either way, black pudding is a really versatile ingredient. When you think about pancakes, what springs to mind? Chocolate spread, fruit, maple syrup, maybe even bacon! But what about black pudding? Yes, black pudding! Check out the perfect black pudding breakfast pancake recipe here. Not into pancakes? No problem! There are tonnes of other black pudding breakfast recipes on our website. Why not try baked eggs with black pudding, chorizo and tomato? You can even add black pudding to your scones!

Breakfast with a twist

3. Best Brunch

Are you a breakfast or brunch person? Or do you just sleep in until your breakfast is considered brunch? Either way, have your black pudding at the ready! How about these delectable black pudding croutes with avocado and egg. Mouth-watering right?. This one is potentially a controversial one, but what about a black pudding scotch egg? Swap out some of the sausage meat for black pudding instead. We absolutely love it!


4. Lunchtime Specials

What’s on the menu today? Soup and a sandwich. Quiche. Salad. Pasta bake? Whatever it may be, black pudding can be part of it. Check out one of our lunchtime favourites here. Black pudding tart with roasted beetroot and goats’ cheese is beyond simple to make but it still looks incredibly impressive. You’re welcome!

Black Pudding Tart

5. Spectacular Salads

We’re kind of cheating here because you can have salads for brunch, lunch or dinner, but we think most people enjoy tasty salad at any time of the day and because there are so many delicious black pudding salad recipes to choose from, it certainly warrants its own section here. Where to start? There’s really a salad to suit everyone’s taste. Like cheese? Try the black pudding, feta and apple salad with lemon dressing. Like seafood? Give the black pudding, crab, apple puree and pancetta salad a go. Like potatoes? Yep, you guessed it, there’s a black pudding salad for you too. The black pudding, potato, char-grilled red onion and walnut salad, a bit of a mouthful but a delicious mouthful!

Spectacular Salad

6. Delectable Dining Experiences (aka a fancy term for ‘Dinner’)

You’d be here all day if we were to list the many ways of using black pudding for dinner. Black pudding is a serious all-rounder when it comes to dining. Want something that both the adults and kids will love? Check! (Black pudding macaroni cheese). Want to put a twist on a family favourite? Check! (Black pudding lasagne). Want to come across as a master chef? Check! (Black pudding with scallops and pea puree). Want something simple and hassle free? Double check! You can’t go wrong with the increasingly popular black pudding burger and black pudding pizza. Bon appetit.

Black Pudding Pizza

7. Casual canapés or fancy finger food

Black pudding is the answer to all pre-party panic and pandemonium. Since we’re on section seven here, we’ll be generous. Here are seven must-try black pudding party nibbles. One: Black pudding and blue cheese tartlets. Two: Black pudding and goats cheese parcels. Three: Black pudding and baked brie pie. Four: Black pudding bruschetta. Five: Black pudding croquettes. Six: Black pudding mini muffins. And (drum roll) last but not least… Seven: The reliable and delicious black pudding sausage rolls. Enjoy the party!

Party Food

8. Delicious Desserts

Just joking, we haven’t gone that far yet but watch this space!

8 Ways to cook with Black Pudding

clonakilty blackpudding

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