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How To: Clonakilty Pudding Valentine’s Bouquet

A cuddly teddy or a bunch of flowers are both great gifts for Valentine’s Day, but why not up the ante this year and create something unique for your significant other. We present you with the Clonakilty Pudding Bouquet, an edible arrangement that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! We all know the way to the heart is, of course, through the stomach.
Here’s how to make your very own

What You’ll Need

•2x Clonakilty Blackpudding 280g
•2x Clonakilty Whitepudding 280g
•10x 30cm wooden skewers
•1x elastic band
•Some string or ribbon
•2x sheets of brown wrapping paper
•2x sheets of red tissue paper
•2x sheets of valentine’s themed tissue paper
•Optional foliage stems (real or faux)

If you would like to purchase the bouquet pack you can do so here! (Pudding is sold separately, Click here to find your nearest stockist)


1.Slice the Clonakilty black and white pudding into 2cm thick slices. You’ll need 10 – 12 slices of each depending on the size you want your bouquet.

2.Fry the black and white pudding in a pan on medium heat, roughly 3-4 minutes either side

3.Allow to cool for 10 – 15 minutes on a cooling rack.

4.Once cooled, assemble your skewers sliding a mix of one or two slices of the same colour pudding on each skewer. This will give your bouquet dimension.

5.Next, gather your skewers and foliage stems (if using them) in a bouquet manner and tie an elastic band around the skewers and stems about 5cm from the bottom.

6.Wrap your bouquet in the Valentine’s themed tissue paper, then add a layer of red and finally brown paper. Fluff it up and tie the bottom (about 5cm from the bottom) with some string or ribbon.

7.Et voila! Enjoy and handle carefully as your bouquet is fragile (and delicious!).

How To: Clonakilty Pudding Valentine’s Bouquet

clonakilty blackpudding

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